WHAT'S NEW IN AIRSOFT FOR 2020?The Airsoft marketplace keeps growing in the united kingdom and global meaning that new weapons, accessories and gear are continuously added to our broad array of inventory.

Airsofters seem to fresh inventory and new improvements for that excess advantage in battle for enhanced performance or enhanced relaxation.

Requirement for invention over the years means that there will always be new things taking the best parts of what’s come before while enhancing and ironing out the kinks of former versions.


New rifles, pistols, shotguns, snipers and grenade launchers are added to our website since the beginning of 2020 and no doubt there’ll be a lot more to come during the year.

We’ve got four brand new rifles; DBoys ARX160 CQB AEG combat rifle, AGM STG44 Total Metal And Wood, S&T M1903A3 Springfield Bolt Action Rifle (Spring)CSI S.T.A.R XR-5 Advanced Battle Rifle (Combat Grey)

The standout from those is your CSI S.T.A.R Rifle having a design and look unlike anything else in the marketplace right now.

The rifle is lightweight yet durable and similar in performance and feel to the M4 series but it’s the modern design, appearing like it’s come directly from a science fiction movie, making it stand out above the rest.

There are 3 brand new pistols from the King Arms manufacturer;King Arms SAA .45 Peacemaker Revolver S — Bluing (Reconditioned), King Arms SAA .45 Peacemaker Revolver M — Electro BK (Reconditioned), King Arms KA17 CNC Custom l — Tan And Silver

The reconditioned pistols have come out there following a problem with leaking gasoline was mended.

The KA17 might not appear fresh but King Arms use their know-how to style a pistol in the framework to the cone into the sights to make sure a fantastic feel and functionality during your Airsoft session.

You will find two brand new shotguns; Golden Eagle M870 Sawed-Off Gas Pump-Action Shotgun, Secutor Velites Invicta G-III Gas Shotgun — Tan

The M870 continues the tendency of using genuine wood, especially in shotguns because we edge closer to optimizing the imitation of an actual firearm.

You will find two brand new sniperrifles– AirsoftPro x JG VSR 10 / Bar-10 Airsoft sniper rifle (Updated ), Ares Amoeba Striker AS02 Short Sniper Rifle (OD)

The VSR 10/Bar-10 has always been a favorite sniper rifle to select its superior quality and contains had all of the internals but for the cylinder replaced using Airsoft Professional updates.

The AS02 is a successor to the AS01 versions and is a worthy one at that with its streamlined design and also shorter barrel length matched by an updated body.

There’s one brand new grenade launcher available, the Arthurian”The Lance” Pistol 40mm Grenade launcher. visit for more airsoft guns https://airsoftgunslist.com

Using its nickname, it would appear that this new launcher has a great deal to live up to however it passes with flying colors with its firing assortment of 20m to unleash your own 40mm moscarts.


You will find two brand new accessories of notice to help with nighttime skirmishes; Wadsn SF X400 Ultra Rail Mounted Flashlight And Laser — Dark and Aim-O ACOG Style 4×32 Scope With DR Sight And QD Mount.

These new improvements include more choices to the marketplace for enhancing eyesight and aim when competing at the dark at night with lights and lasers on the railing for Wadsn and 4x magnification for your Aim-O ACOG

You will find new accessories for enhancing the performance of weapons like the Airsoft Guru L96 update set for MB01,05,06,SW M24 and ZCI M-BLock M4 Gearbox Reinforcing Clamp.

Other things might not enhance performance but might nevertheless be a fantastic addition to your own rifle like the Oper8 Tactical Frog Sound Hog which raises the noise of your rifle shots.

For more information on a few of the most recent inventions in Airsoft previously released or forthcoming soon in 2020, SHOT Show 2020 happened towards the end of January demonstrating forthcoming and new weapons and equipment.


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