Wells Fargo Routing Number

Hey, today in this article we’re gonna be talking about Wells Fargo, and more specifically we are going to talk about a few different ways to find out what your routing number is for your Wells Fargo Bank account.

so let’s go ahead and get this started so first off want to let you know that I’ve already opened up their mobile website for Wells Fargo. You can simply just google Wells Fargo so a brief overview of what a routing number is. Basically, it’s just a number it identifies the bank or the part of the bank that you will have money being sent out or going into your bank account.  Must Checkout here’s all the Wells Fargo Routing Number.


State and number Wells Fargo Arkansas 111900659
Wells Fargo Connecticut 021101108

How to identify Wells Fargo Routing Number?

So it identifies the bank or the regional portion of that bank in the US so sometimes you call it a BA or a routing number. so we’re gonna go over 3 different ways to find that information the first and easiest way to find. 

The routing number is going directly on to Wells Fargo’s website keep in mind that routing numbers sometimes change depending on which state you are in and what type of account that you have? so it’s always best to go directly to the source which would be Wells Fargo to get the most recent information for your routing number. 

How you do that is pretty easy so all you do is go to Wells Fargo command then what you do is they have a search function right here, click there, and then just type in routing number alright. so I went ahead and typed in the routing number and this is the pop-up that happened. so basically it asks if you’re looking for a routing number or account number and it’s gonna give you a couple of different options to choose from before it provides your specific rounding number.

so let’s go ahead and go through that what we’re gonna do is go ahead and click on routing number and then it’s gonna ask if you’re gonna be receiving a wire transfer I think generally that’s going to be a no unless somebody specifically said. They are going to be wiring you money and then next you want to click what type of account you are requesting. so we’ll use checking and this is important you have to choose which state you’re in. so I’m in California so I’m gonna go ahead and choose California.

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