The Benefits of Wireless Speakers

With every new generation of technology, there is a new way to do the same thing that often changes the way we think about items we use every day, wireless is no exception. Wireless capabilities are being installed on everything from headphones to printers and televisions. There seems to be no end to how many different cords we can cut. One of the newer and more innovative wireless products on the market is wireless speakers. They are applied to computers and sound systems working just as well as their hardwired counterparts.

One particularly exciting product is the Sony S-AIR wireless speaker system. It is compatible with popular iPod models and works for WiFi. It’s a plug and play system that allows users to place speakers in different rooms of their home or office and control music from a central station where their iPod is docked. It uses digital wireless technology and includes an alarm clock, AM/FM radio and LCD for viewing song tracks. It retails for about 400 dollars online.

A slightly more expensive model going for about 500 dollars is the Bose Soundlink wireless system. It is compatible iTunes, includes internet radio and many other forms of content. This is also a plug and play system functional right out of the box. This model works differently than most typical home theatre substitutes and is accompanied by a small key that is inserted into a user’s computer and then selecting what you want to play. The unit comes with a remote that has limited control and main controls are done from your desktop or laptop.

Of course, you don’t have to buy a kit to upgrade your existing wireless setup. You can also find wireless speakers and headphones that have everything you need built in – whether these run off bluetooth or infrared, they are a convenient solution. Out of these two transmission technologies though, radio is generally considered to be the better option as it doesn’t rely on line of sight – meaning you can listen to music from almost anywhere in the house! Look for a transmitter that operates at a higher frequency to minimize the chance of interference from other household gadgets. 5.8Ghz is a good transmission frequency to look for here.

Wireless technology has made many things more convenient and less of a hassle by simply removing the cord. Devices interacting over a wireless network can function effectively all over your home so you will never be out of range.


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