QRCode versus Scanner tag – Issues, practices, and recommendations

QR Code scanner

We reliably get inquiries from clients overwhelmed on whether to use a Barcode or QRCode for asset denotes, their trade-offs, and best-practices. This blog section will help answer a part of the essential issues. For information on the most capable technique to set up a normalized recognizable proof scanner, click here.

We’ll start by a preface to what the two are and their specific beliefs.

  • Normalized distinguishing proof:
  • Comprehensively used for a long time
  • Contains an alpha-numeric plan
  • Most assets go with maker gave normalized recognizable pieces of proof


  • A bleeding-edge substitution ending up being notable quickly
  • Progressively conspicuous data accumulating breaking point and support for various data types.
  • Speedy and strong separating for camera-based contraptions eg, mobile phones and tablets.

EZOffice recommends using QRCodes and through our Label Designer, we give the helpfulness to make and print QRCode based names. These QRCodes contain an ensured URL, allowing any flexible sifting application to yield and use the sheltered URL to take you to the Asset’s detail page.

Regardless of the way that we bolster scanner labels, both past and those created by our Label Designer, we trust QRCodes offer a progressively unrestrained and progressively versatile course of action. To plan your system with Barcodes as opposed to QR codes, you need to enter the Barcode’s progression into the Asset’s “Bit of leeway Identification Number” (AIN) field. A slight detriment of using normalized distinguishing pieces of proof is that preferred position inquiry (by methods for checking) will potentially work when done using EZOffice’s compact applications. For QRCodes, you can download any QRCode separating programming for your adaptable stage and it’ll organize perfectly with our cloud-based commitment. The qualification in usability is in light of the fact that, as opposed to a QRCode, which contains an all-out URL to the advantage, a scanner tag is just an alpha-numeric gathering and in this way can’t be used to do an inquiry by an outcast flexible application.

Using Barcodes and QRCodes: Best practices and recommendations*

The normalized ID of on any occasion 1.5-inch x 0.5-inch size should work yet guarantee it works commendably with the mobile phones you plan on using as its significance is dependent more on the capacity of a contraption than of the application. When in doubt, the taller (height) the scanner label the more straightforward it is to examine, trailed by its length.

QRCode least size 1×1 inch.

Get high print quality (more DPI the better). Most laser printers qualify.

Concealing – dull on white proposed.

Use atmosphere confirmation materials for assets used outside or in outrageous conditions. You’ll need to go business here and we can help with merchant coordination for printing gatherings.

While using QRCodes, we propose that you put your choice of favorable position id (Asset# or AIN) on the imprint. Much equivalent to Barcodes have the specific gathering printed under them, and can be used if the Barcode isn’t accessible (happens continually at my neighborhood Walmart!).

Here’s an overview of proposed gear mixes you can use for Barcode and QR code sifting of thing marks. Read more about the Qr scanner.

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