Low Carb High Protein Diet Facts

Low Carb High protein diets like the very known Atkins diet is mostly known to be very effective in losing weight in terms of fat loss. The fact is according to recent studies, health researchers and dietitians do not advise these kinds of diet programs. Even the American Heart Association, Dietitic Association and Medical Association have announced dangers with these kind of diets.


Unknown to many people who practice this kind of diets, Lo Protein rich foods including eggs spinach leaves and kidney beans

w Carb High protein diets impose serious health risks. The result of eating too low carbohydrate per day may cause fats to build up in the blood stream that may cause disease such as gout and kidney stones. Studies also show that It greatly increases the risk of developing heart diseases. Another side effect with Low Carb High protein diets is that it may affect your daily lifestyle. Insufficient intake of carbohydrates may cause problems to your health like fatigue, nausea, severe headaches and sudden dizziness.

Low fiber will also cause you constipation and diarrhea. This kind of diet may do you more harm than good unlike with a well balanced and nutritious diet. You may lose weight rapidly at first with this diet, but the catch is you can also gain weight fast in a short period of time. Fact is weight that was loss with this kind of diet is actually water which you can gain fast and muscle mass which actually ends up making it harder to burn fat and lose weight.

In the end, Low Carb High protein diets is simply a very high maintenance and unsustainable diet. Expert health gurus still recommend exercise along with a well balanced low calorie diet.

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