Government and Media Control The Public Using News


Every day, journalists every single day to arrange this chaos, and the mass media, the newspapers, on TV, radio and online and then the following day in newspapers and magazines and on news websites. What the media does is essentially to package and distribute it to all the media.


It is only in the mass media that we get to know a little of what the government does and what the people are doing; but it does not go further than that. The mass media cannot do that. It can only make us aware of what the mass media are saying, and how the mass media is reporting on them.

It is only from the mass media that we get to know what the people are thinking, what their economic condition is and what the political situation is like. The mass media only report what the government wants us to know.

So, when you hear a politician say, “The news is lying” it is because the mass media are reporting things for the government wants us to know. It is all about the government controlling what the public thinks about it.

That is how they get the public’s support. In order to get public support, they have to manipulate the news they are reporting on. When politicians say that there are too many crime in their cities and that is why they are failing to protect their citizens; it is all propaganda. They want us to think that they are doing something to protect our society, or that if they do protect it at all, then it will not be up to their standards, or they will not have to worry about the press being around.


So what is actually happening in the mass media is that they are trying to protect the people from the police. They are trying to make people believe that they are doing something to help, but in reality they are protecting them from them. And that is why they get the public so scared about crime. It is all to help them protect themselves, so they get the public to vote for their political party and give money to the party in power.

The only way to see the news honestly, and know what is really going on is to get your hands on the newspaper every day. Read all of the articles, and then ask yourself, “Who is doing what? And why is the news always lying to us?”

The public needs to know the truth and this is exactly what the mass media are trying to hide. They are not telling the people the truth. If they were, then the people wouldn’t be scared, and the mass media would not get the public to help them control our society.

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